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Fit For First Ladies

On my Christmas wish list is the Chrysler 300 Motown sedan, coming in 2013. I can’t wait to get behind this elegant machine, which is perfectly fit for First Ladies and more.  It’s currently in a cross-marketing tie-in with the Broadway show Motown: The Musical.  Be sure to watch the video preview, of Motown the Musical.

First Lady of Motown Visits ActorsE Chat: UStream Video

The “First Lady of Motown” Claudette Robinson  sat down with Ron Brewington, host of the “Actors E Chat ” program. “Actors E Chat” has been in existence since 2009, and has had over 1,200 guests. Thank you so much, Ron for a wonderful interview.  I enjoyed being with you and hope to have an opportunity to do
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The First Lady of Motown attends Venice Family Clinic Fundraiser

(August 29, 2013) The First Lady of Motown, Claudette Robinson, supported and enjoyed a well-deserved fundraiser for the Venice Family Clinic. Elizabeth Benson Forer, 52, executive director/CEO Venice Family Clinic said, ” We have had a 30% increase in new patient calls since January. Last year we increased new patients by 9% so the increase
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First Lady of Motown Supports Natalie Cole Concert

The First Lady of Motown, Claudette Robinson, enjoyed a great Natalie Cole concert performance recently at the Hollywood Bowl. During the concert, The First Lady of Motown had a chance to snap-it-up with Jym Buss, Jerry Jacobsen and acclaimed hairstylist, Tre Majors.

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